That’s when you do like me and headcanon it as a penis-like structure instead of a tentacle. PENISES FOR EVERYONE! *confetti*

as long as it’s dishwasher safe, i ship it

humanstuck? Must be, because why else would she need a strapon

my greatest homestuck failing is that i don’t find tentabulges all that sexy. toys, now, that’s the ticket.


8addragon replied to your post:
i had an out of body experience reading the last screenshot

dang, we could have high fived from across the ether! next time CAA horrifies us all with his activism, let’s agree to meet up in the Statue of Liberty’s nose and moon the tourists >:D

Yeeeah I still wonder if that lady wasn’t completely new or something, I mean, telling someone hysterically bawling that “you should just stop thinking about it” in an exasperated tone isn’t really… yeah.

wow, that’s… remarkably tone-deaf. 

guys, if you get someone like this, please don’t give up on help lines. some people just DO NOT feel right to talk to, and that’s normal and okay. try again and talk to someone who is a better fit.

this also goes for therapists and doctors!

My experience was actually that they just had no idea what to do with me when I wasn’t on the edge. But I may have just wound up with an inexperienced line-manning-type-person?

possibly! aud got an unhelpful one, once, as i recall. i hope that’s not a common thing.

the one time i called a hotline i started out with “i don’t know if i should be calling” bla bla bla, and I wasn’t in real danger. they’re used to that, they try to get you to talk about what drove you to call, work from there

thank you for this!

Oh wow, I didn’t about this. I remember CAA complained to me about people mentioning that cronus reminds them of their rapists in one of the very early private messages, and it still skeeves me out for some reason :/

yeah, me too. i think it’s because it’s all so weirdly personal to him.

i finally consented to being CAA’s abuser a couple days ago after a year of one-sided flirtation, so i’m doing my due diligence to taunt him as ethically and aggressively as is merited, for all the dumb shit he has done. where reason and truth fails, a good public humiliation can pick up the slack.

if i come across any further bullying of you, i will make sure to let you know. it was weird as hell to find out i’d been someone else’s boogeyman for months and didn’t even know it, and you didn’t even egg him on the way i did (and do). i definitely prefer to know when people are talking about me.


yeah, i was going to ask you about that! still good advice, though.

i didn’t even notice who made the post until i saw a reblog notification that had his username in it. and then i had to go look that up because i couldn’t remember why it struck me as negative.