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I am sad and angry that they didn’t go with canon daario. I mean, come on. It says a lot about what Dany finds sexy, and thats fabulous.

SERIOUSLY! but i guess the TV fandom wouldn’t have known what to do with their utter horror and embarrassment at watching the khaleesi experience age-appropriate teenage infatuation. they’d probably die of cringe.

welcome to my world guys

yeah most of the time I like when the show condenses the “cast of thousands” but daario is pretty boring, his role is merely to tempt dany toward the “fire and blood” side of her nature

i’m still chuckling because i didn’t notice at all that they’d recast the character. can you imagine if the new daario looked like he did in the book? blue hair, triple-forked beard, gold painted mustachios. #SWAG

As someone who named a cat Strong Belwas I am highly offended by this turn of events.

strong belwas is sexier than daario will ever be. big, loud, fat and covered in scars—and best of all, he the only thing we’d have to watch him seduce is a big bowl of honeyed locusts.

the Harry Potter books are actually super awful if you actually pay attention to the words

i have no idea why the sudden topic change but nope


as much as i might regret learning the answer to this, what is “this conversation”? is it the “you can’t trust the system mcgonagall” quote you posted earlier?

the conversation is rapist!draco going on about how awesome rape is.

jesus FUCK, luka. i am now legit scared for you. can i offer you an internet hug?

i’ll take it! it’s been a hell of a day all in all.

speaking of which, time for bed.  bet i have weird dreams.

Damn, your anon hate is getting hardcore.


I thought he made a specific effort to point out he was transvestite, not transgender.

He is both, it turns out:

I am transgender - it doesn’t go away. But if I don’t wear make-up for five years then it’s my fucking life, and I have the freedom to do what I want. I can go blokey for five days, and then one day I’ll wear more make-up than anyone’s ever worn in the history of make-up. That’s fine, that’s my friggin’ choice.”


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