can I still be a bad guy if I enjoy the porn without fapping to it?

you can come to the meetings, but you must wear this neon green “ALLY” t-shirt and support the movement by loudly saying the words “fap fap fap” to indicate that, in an AU where you were inclined to do so, this is when you would be doing it.


mercurialmalcontent replied to your post: anonymous said:Couldn’t help but …

idk man, people like him like to take on the trappings of reasonable shit and twist it to their own narcissistic ends. call me a downer but I’ll believe he’s actually changing when he apologizes and butts the hell out.

you’re a downer and you’re completely right. thank god they never learn that what they post in anger is visible even after they’ve gotten ahold of themselves. they’re the easiest kind of heather to stymie.


Luka no, the rabbits are so soft, just like that one girls hair.

gdi george i only petted the rabbit on the shoulder real nice with one hand like ‘bros’ do

and i stopped when it quit moving so idk why i’m the bad guy here george


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The capital letters for emphasis one? That one creeped me out more than any of the rest of this has because they seemed to be specifically targeting a post where you presented as someone more likely to be vulnerable than you normally would.

This is exactly what bothered me as well. I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one who picked up on that.

I made that post in the clear context of a vulnerable person with a developmental disability asking for help with something he does not intuitively understand, and the reply I received was manipulative as shit.

That’s bad guy stuff. When someone makes a show of vulnerability, and you see only an opportunity to strike, there is a problem.

i’m confused :? did they start shit agian?

they failed to cease it, and another pile of turds was uncovered behind the sofa. msg privately and i’ll fill you in.


How did I miss whatever the leadup to this was.

it took place in a private convo that i can’t post lest i show my cards too soon. you want in on this? we’re gonna steal the declaration of independence :)

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Aw man, it’s been a rough day and this is pretty much the most amazing thing to play the day out with. Beautiful. Perfect. This song has reached its apotheosis. A+++ find

blar, i’m sorry about your shitty day. i had one too, but it’s ok because of internet kazooes and belly laughs that leave you sore.

Liked this purely for “thunderdome denied” best phrase ever

ehehe thanks

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*eyes hungrily the word brainbent*

*shuffles feet* 

i know i know

i got distracted

*shuffle shuffle*

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I’d like to see it too because I remember you going to pains to point out the difference between fans that excuse them and the fans that accept their terribleness and enjoy them as part of the character.

yeah. that’s what i thought i was doing, too, but i am open to corrections.