potatoe1988 replied to your post “Is it bad that I thought most of this cursing discussion was just trying to get angry wiccans to swear at you”

That’s what I assumed curse shaming was about until I clicked the tag link. Like. Shaming people for swearing.

in super cuckoo land it’s wrong to make people feel bad for using magic to hurt others. you should see the look on my face when i try to wrap my head around it.

ps yes seebs the one who is cursing me this Friday has been described as wiccan so the whole “but hurting people isn’t bad in my faith” defense would be moot.

@beldaran replied to your post: Calliope: Say Hi To The Snarly-Hair Gi…

Ahaha, oh nooo! This is too cute! I wonder who’s going to have the stronger influence on the other?



You can also take the game to their level — Remind them of the one law, “Do as ye will, an’ harm none.” Unless they’ve TOTALLY grab bagged their paganism, this should at least rattle their cages.

i have it on good tumblr authority that some people count as “none”

i’m serious anon please submit my url and get your friends to do the same

curse me good

Oh dear, is this perhaps the ‘Hung like a’ shirt?

neigh sir, it is rainbow dash proclaiming, and I quote: “MOTHER FRAKER, I’M AWESOME.”

i’ll never need to come out as autistic to anyone ever again.

I am morbidly curious as to which pairing(s) you’re talking about now.

originally it was eri/sol by way of making aradia the cheatin’ ho but then i was like dude y’know what this is an epidemic and i redacted the names

But if YOU’RE a starship… And I’M a GALAXYDRAGON…. Who’s driving the meatsuit??

vriska stop making the body do beyonce you’re gonna give it a crick

That seems like a sort of unusual brain thing. Medication side effect, or are you prone to those kind of minor hallucinatory things?

no hallucinations going on, fortunately. i over-exposed myself to traumatizing input and now i’m having a sort of grief/horror reaction.