I’m so happy you have meds that actually help you :D I like seeing one of my favourite artists getting to do what they love doing.

best wishes for the drug adjustments, yo! also just in general I am so fucking stoked at your being in a mental and physical place to do arts and hope it continues :D

yeee thank you IT IS SO AWESOME

i feel like me again ;_;

(typo i think, “now” instead of “not”)

damn it’s hard to type in these boxing gloves 


you may wish to look over this post again

which post?

edit: OH there was a really unfortunate typo. i didn’t see it til someone pointed it out. hehe.

..I don’t understand but I laughed anyway.

my fave superhero, The Badger. He’s got the old school crazies (think deadpool), but he mainly takes on animal abusing dudebros, kung fu gangsters, and random bystanders.

he is my precious baby, as are his various multiple personalities.

he was a POW in Viet Nam and God approached him in the form of a giant badger named Mabel, telling him to become a masked avenger for animals.

it is one of the most fun comics i have ever read.

The transphobe curse has finally got you from like three months ago or something.

the people who don’t like me on tumblr should totally chip in and send that guy a fruit basket. 

catterflyart replied to your post: cho ain’t give a fuck

wahhh watching this small flood of art from you is makin me really happy and super happy for you

me too!

wow, what a night, what a wonderful night!

Congrats, you’re probably not bipolar

nah, the bipolar bear usually mauls me in late winter/early spring. this feels like something else. i think it’s just med upgrades.