white abled cishets complaining about the mean little disabled trans who just wants a safe space

not surprised tbh


Dear honky,

"white people" ain’t doing shit to your translucent wonderbread ass. stop.


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People Who Really Need To Be Seen As Less Bigoted

white people who think the best way to secure a favorable response is by stereotyping any group they disagree with to erase any participation by minorities

thanks for your help wonderbread

what would reality do without your little touch-ups

There's a post on tumblr that compares black basketball athletes to cotton picking slaves. Apparently it's the same as slavery because black athletes are paid by white people. God help me, I don't understand anything anymore.

i don’t wanna get into it too much without seeing the post but with the caveat that I am aware player exploitation exists and racism from team managers/owners is a legit problem:

it seems like it would take a pretty big pair of “let me tell you how you’re oppressed” SJW balls to erase the agency, devotion and pride of accomplishment of an entire pool of talented athletes who genuinely love sports because they are playing while black. i’m uncomfortable making or agreeing with any blanket judgments on their situation made from the outside since i’m neither black nor athletic and the people who are can speak for themselves.