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"a cis woman has climbed into my living room and is rearranging my furniture for my own good" excuse me why didn't you warn for non-con furniture rearrangment

you should have known i was bad when you saw my facial scar and the Scarlet R! /victim-blames

some dude's trying to push "don't feed the trolls" as a valid response to someone being harassed and won't believe it doesn't work. how do i.

this is tricky! sometimes not feeding the trolls is the right answer, but it’s only one of many approaches.  if the trolls escalate to the point where the victim can’t ignore them anymore, telling them to ignore it and it’ll go away is just putting the responsibility for continuing to be hassled on the person who’s done nothing wrong, which is inappropriate as hell. if you send me more info, i could give better advice on the issue, 

I feel so special for calling you a literal human (this with regards to your Tumblr wtfery post a few days ago).

i am not sure if i capped that phrase and then forgot it twas a joke, or if it actually happened in the wild as well.


help me vastderp i just saw someone tag for "wrists cw" (not self-harm, not cut wrists, just.. wrists, existing)

they have veins and skin how is that not a gigantic trigger for you omg 


For my two cents I hated a lot of things about MoR when I read it... basically everything actually, but it satisfied that overwhelming itch that JKR left by never ever even addressing muggle science in the books at all. It's generally awful, but iirc the science is pretty decent.

I pretty much can’t stand people who put so much stock in being right about everything that they gotta knock down some kid’s sand castle and lecture the kid who was building it about how, ACTUALLY, sand castles aren’t structurally sound places to live and would have never passed code on inspection, and furthermore any idiot knows you can’t build a real castle with a shovel, so stop wasting your time and go get a degree in mathematics already!

That’s how I see the MoR series. Some flawed AI bot once read about fun in a children’s story and didn’t like it very much, and took it upon himself to deconstruct that story by writing an insipid cardboard cutout version of himself and sending it around inside the story to sneer at everything that isn’t scientifically accurate and gloat about how it doesn’t measure up to his walls of text about human nature and those rapey brown countries who weren’t descended from the Enlightenment.

And oh my god, the cheesy, shoddily written dialogue! 

STRAWMAN!PROFESSOR: Magic spalz are done liek this ok wach and lurn *does magic, which violates all natural law*

AWESOME!SCIENCE!HARRY: Yes, well, I’m afraid I must disagree with you on your methodology, and in fact your entire worldview, as, in my opinion as an eleven-year-old boy, the very notion of waving a stick of wood around and spontaneously generating observable physical effects therefrom is utterly preposterous. I’ve studied all the spellbooks and none of the Latin used for the basic incantations is correct—although I’m sure someone like you wouldn’t be able to comprehend that, would you? *politely scoffs* And my goodness, I believe I can safely theorize, utilizing Muggle Osmicus Bublbat’s fourth dissertation on the dissipation of particulate odors and my own thorough studies of the olfactory processes of a standard eleven-year-old boy wizard, that you have had an accident within your robes. *politely smirks* This is, naturally, what comes of living an irrational life. Look at yourself, and your choices, aren’t they inferior to the way I live? You know, any God that created a world like this, where magic and “fun” are perceived as something less dangerous than a theist lie to be toppled and overthrown is a flawed God, and probably female, as well. *polite chuckle* I would despise and overthrow such a God on principle, were she to exist, and show her the error of her ways. Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t anyone?

STRAWMAN!PROFESSOR: I… never seed it that way! I so confuse! Science… good?

AWESOME!SCIENCE!HARRY: *polite smile* Oh, naturally you would agree with me without having the slightest comprehension of the sentiments I’ve just expressed. It’s human nature for weaker and emotionally permeable lesser intellects to sense the existence of a superior mind and philosophy, even if he is only the tender age of eleven, as I am, and flock to his defense. Yes, friend, yes, science good. *polite chuckle* Do try to embrace it!

STRAWMAN!PROFESSOR: U teech mai class smartboy?

AWESOME!SCIENCE!HARRY: No, sir, I am afraid that’s not possible. I am, after all, merely a eleven-year-old child who knows a few small things and is only too happy to make this school and all the experiences found within more relatable for those of us who are too smart and too rational to foolishly tumble into the pit trap of “fun”. My name is Harry Potter, and I am an atheist. Now go and shower, Professor, and please use soap this time when you wash the feces from your buttocks!

DRACO MALFOY: Rape rape rape.

AWESOME!SCIENCE!HARRY: *sigh* Malfoy, when will you learn that it’s enough to merely humiliate one’s inferiors with words?

it’s like watching someone masturbate.

AU where Hagrid finds the author of The Methods of Rationality and hits them upside the head with his pink umbrella

oh hell yes. or just sits on Rational!Potter and spends the rest of the series wondering where the Boy Who Whinged got off too, and why his butt smells like dead cats…

yeah i’ve been awake too long it’s bedtime for me D:

luka, does gender beyond the binary need to exist? at some level, isn't gender beyond physical sex in *any* sense just arbitrary gender roles internalized on a level too deep to actually root out? isn't your given SJW who rejects the idea of gender roles and wants to see lots more female construction workers(fine and dandy), but at once demands to be regarded as a specific gender entirely independent of their sex, missing the point?

first question: yep

everything else: nope.

Luka wants the D

luka is a D

your blog was a main contributor to me figuring out that sjw culture is shitty and toxic and my life is way better for it. so thanks! I am working out a way to do real, not bullshit activism now and it's really nice

Awesomeness was already within you, bro/sis/other. I was merely the pee that passed the kidney stone.


do you want to build a snowman