Actual Garbage Paul Muad'Derp & The Faggot Brigade
Are you an extrovert? I'm hella extroverted IRL but a complete wallflower online because I feel like my mistakes have the potential to stick around longer. If you're not an extrovert, congratulations on your massive balls re: socialization.

I am a mutant hybrid of these two warring tribes. I’m incredibly introverted in real life, but being online removes a lot of the stuff about being social that I find intolerably draining, allowing my true bastardy to shine forth for all to see. My gift to all of you!

"DIE YOU EXTROVERTIST SCUM" anon here. A but late, but I assure you I was joking. (I wouldn't be surprised if someone had already used that word seriously before though.)

Tumblr has clearly broken me because the notion of you being sincere seemed actually possible. 

Why do we even say "Tumblr/SJW culture where we could be using "Don Quixote culture"? Those windmills are obviously giants! Don't you dare say the contrary and trigger me by bringing me back from my well-intentioned but stupid ideology to reality! That's metaphor gold right here, no?

I like it as a metaphor but it’s just not catchy enough to Happen. Plus if I did that, the SJWs would go after me for 

  • Education privilege (“Not everyone can get the reference, you literal human garbage!”)
  • Racism (“Sure, assume everyone who’s misguided is SPANISH!”)
  • Cultural Appropriation (“That’s not your metaphor to use!”)
  • Ableism (“Stop using ‘delusional’ to mean ‘delusional!’ That’s soooo gay!”)
  • Being a literal rapist (“Vast Derp is mean to people on the internet!”)

Far too risky. I prefer the generic Warrior imagery with its heavy sarcasm and power to inflict maximum butthurt.

Luuukaaaaaa! I was reading a fic and it was so awesome and so well written and the characters were right but...but then....healing cock?!?!? Whyyyyyy?!?!?! *runs from the horror*


Hey Luka, have you been having any bug problems since you switched over?

not a one.

I've taken various "MBTI tests" about five or six times over the years and gotten ENTP, ENFJ, INTJ, and INFP. Naturally, every description is JUST vague enough that it seems to fit wonderfully if you don't think too hard about it. WOW SO SCIENTIFIC SO ACCURATE

Every single time I take it, I get UNCO.





I didn’t even know those were options but now I believe the test is real and accurate as fuck

oh god, is extrovert vs introvert actually the new tumblr thing, not just a running joke on officialunitedstates?

Sort of. it seems to run along the same lines as astrology and those people who really value their MBTI initials and need everyone to know they’re INTJ (always INTJ!)


because this is tumblr i do not actually know if you are kidding or not. please advise :(

Is there any one person you'd like to see on the Iron Throne?

Gotta be Daenerys. All the other contenders except Tommen have been total shitheads who can’t even lead and don’t give a fuck about the common people, and Tommen is way too sweet for the job. Let him play with his kittens.

I'm not dj-lum, nor was I any of the original correcters. Might be time to reconsider exactly who is getting defensive here.