Somewhere, in another universe, Luka doesn't have to deal with this particular recurring stupidity and instead we got more fictional antics to enjoy. Okay, probably not true. But at least the stupidity might be a little more fresh? This is getting into a level of stale that can only be compared to the shambling half-life of a tv series that has begun to overstep its natural duration and become a shambling zombie.

it is upon me to keep this turd from getting dry. the people, they cry out for a hero.

for a champion.

for a poop moistener.

sorry if my last ask was out of line, but I've been seeing you on my dash for a while and like... you've always been vilified a lot by your detractors, but I've not witnessed anything remotely like what has been claimed about you, from your end. So I guess you could say I've got a #feels about you. :P Incidentally, a few days ago, things came up and I didn't get to stay for the rest of that convo, what conclusion was reached by you about the term 'truscum' and any gatekeeping/dysphoria therein?

Why thank you, anon!  :3

we didn’t really reach any conclusion, although partly it’s because i don’t really understand all the definitions at play well enough to decide if i agree with any one stance or not. what do you call a person who believes dysphoria is probably inseparable from being trans, but is also really happy about people who are not dysphoric exploring other gender presentations for positive reasons? ‘cause i’d join that group, probably, unless they were assholes.

what are we in for re: my abuser. can we have a hint? spoilers?

well, you know what CAA thinks i’m like? i’m gonna cosplay that.

oh gosh, i hope nobody attacks me for it! i would hate to use these POWERFUL INTERNET KARATE CHOPS and hurt someone!!!! *jumps two inches into air screaming ki-yaaaa, lands on lego, cries*

I've been following the drama for about two weeks now and I'm the sort of person that dislikes fights, so I'm just wondering where you're intending to lead this whole thing... It seems to me like CAA isn't gonna back off :/

i can’t think of any other way to address the rumors they are spreading, since ignoring them for an entire year did nothing to discourage him.

a good public shaming will not fix him, and i am well aware of this, but this past few weeks has given me a lot of material to present in my own defense, if he ever escalates his obsession beyond gossip and callouts.

and the other thing is, this is really depressing, wearying shit to have to deal with, and if i can’t laugh about it and tell him to kiss my ass when he irritates me, i will go bonkers. i need to mock this shit. i do not have the “ignore idiot” option that lets other people go about their business. instead, i have a “poke idiot with spoon” button that i spam the hell out of, because it makes me feel better.

if you have tumblr savior, i recommend blacklisting #complaints department. it should remove all the idiot poking from your dash. nothing of value will be lost, i guarantee it.

Why do you tag people's urls in posts about them? Is it for archival reasons so you can find your own posts easier later, or more for the benefit of whoever is being tagged so that they can see it in their tracked tags and then respond to it? I don't know anything about what's going on with vantas-sea and caa, but I remember you arguing with vantas-sea before, around when you were arguing with apholandofficial or something. "arguing". Because its less that and more you refusing to take shit imo.

it’s for archival reasons, and in complaints department matters, so that people reading the tag will know that this person says these things, and be able to make decisions about whether to associate with them based on that. 

i also tag people i reply to in happy conversations.

this bro roleplayer on tumblr's freaking out over someone using the word bitch in their dave url as in 'makingtimemybitch' or some such and i wanted your opinion on it

that’s kinda OOC for a strider :/

Why are dudebros so obsessed with virginity and shaming male virgins/women who aren't virgins?

unboxing fetish taken to its logical conclusion?

Cute/creepy how VS is starting to try and turn the tables on everything by using highly associative and potentially triggering rape-language in situations where he knows there are SA survivors. This repeated and emphasized use of "consent" is really gross in how much he's trying to use it to escalate his allegorical insinuations to the "abusers" in this scenario.

this bugs me as well, but i wasn’t sure why until just now. 


"at one point, a tree grows through a big fat guy and he explodes. i looked at surgery photos to get the details right. this might be too much for you, idk." What the hell kind of surgery did you look at to get the details right?


OK so I love your writing and art but I'm a kind of squeamish person, and I think I remember seeing some kind of gruesome stuff in panels of Kageru that were going around for some reason, and I was wondering how often that happens? Cause it would kind of suck for me to have to decide between being super squicked out and stopping following a story I'm invested in

my comic is pretty grisly, and it gets gorier as it goes on. i would be very careful if i were a reader with a squick issues :(

(at one point, a tree grows through a big fat guy and he explodes. i looked at surgery photos to get the details right. this might be too much for you, idk.)

thanks for liking my stuff, though!