I'm sorry for the random message, but for some reason I feel like you'd understand. God, the asexual presence on Tumblr makes me feel so fucking stupid. To the point where my asexuality is something I HATE admitting, literally because I don't want to be associated with it. How do you cope with this? I feel so out of place on both Tumblr and AVEN, and on days when I already feel broken it only gets worse when I realize I don't identify with most of the people I apparently should.

i understand completely, i’ve been over the twee shit since Livejournal but it’s starting to look like it won’t get any better with time.

when that shit gets me down, i just remember that asexuals are forced to share an “A” with Allies. nothing perks me up when i’m sad like a wacky mismatched roommate sitcom.

That is actually a pretty great description of a Bath Bomb. Basically they're usually about fist-sized tablets of perfumes and minerals and oils that are supposedly good for your skin that you put n the bath, then they fiz all over the place and dissolve. Weather they actually do what the claim is up for debate, but I like them because I am an overgrown child and the water turns PRETTY COLOURS.

i’m sold. i don’t think they have any place that would sell these in town, but i’m sold.

do you have any thoughts on henna from Lush?

none, but i recognize the brand name. i associate it with incredibly expensive hipster soap? or something?

I now use Ballsackgate (as I call it) as an example of how shit can escalate through rumors. Its easy to tell, I can verify it since I watched it happened on my dash, it perfectly illustrates the point and it involves ballsacks.

never forget

what is the egg supposed to do for the henna process? I've used it a couple times without egg and it seemed to work fine...

it makes the mix a little slimier and easier to spread in the hair, and it has a conditioning quality. you can nix it and put in yogurt instead. i only started using the egg once my touching food OCD was controlled and it seemed to make it go easier. I’ve heard it makes it easier to rinse out but i don’ recall a difference.

Re: rinsing out henna. Dos it stain your tub at all? I'm in my first apartment And I'm worried about staining the tub.

it didn’t leave a lasting stain in either tub i used. not sure if that’s standard or not.

Is it normal to get caliginous for a work of fiction? Not the characters, the whole thing. Asking for a friend.

i dunno about normal but there are some real clunkers out there that i fucking love to hate

speaking of drains, how bad is henna for them and how likely is clogging? considering i'm going to be sharing an apartment with four other people.

i clogged my tub the first time, but that was a mix full of tiny twigs and crap. never had a problem after i switched to stuff that was already-sifted, but proceed with caution if you have a fussy drain.

You mention henna being goopy and runny - and with the egg it sounds like it can be kind of slimy. With leaving it on for hours, what kind of augh-gross-get-it-off-me gross-slime-on-skin trauma am I looking at?

it is a little slimy, but most of the washout trauma was the fiber of the plant itself. it’s super dense and just does not want to come out all at once. first time, i used less-good henna and didn’t know to sift it out, so there was debris stuck in my hair snarling it up until the tub drain clogged. euchhh.

worth it. 

Hey Luka, do you have a large version of the gender switchblade design, and can I have your blessing to get it as a tattoo if I show you pictures when it's done? <3

hehe dang, you’re probably the first person to ask first. to which i say, sure, go for it! send me a pic.