Actual Garbage Paul Muad'Derp & The Faggot Brigade
"DIE YOU EXTROVERTIST SCUM" anon here. A but late, but I assure you I was joking. (I wouldn't be surprised if someone had already used that word seriously before though.)

Tumblr has clearly broken me because the notion of you being sincere seemed actually possible. 

Why do we even say "Tumblr/SJW culture where we could be using "Don Quixote culture"? Those windmills are obviously giants! Don't you dare say the contrary and trigger me by bringing me back from my well-intentioned but stupid ideology to reality! That's metaphor gold right here, no?

I like it as a metaphor but it’s just not catchy enough to Happen. Plus if I did that, the SJWs would go after me for 

  • Education privilege (“Not everyone can get the reference, you literal human garbage!”)
  • Racism (“Sure, assume everyone who’s misguided is SPANISH!”)
  • Cultural Appropriation (“That’s not your metaphor to use!”)
  • Ableism (“Stop using ‘delusional’ to mean ‘delusional!’ That’s soooo gay!”)
  • Being a literal rapist (“Vast Derp is mean to people on the internet!”)

Far too risky. I prefer the generic Warrior imagery with its heavy sarcasm and power to inflict maximum butthurt.

Luuukaaaaaa! I was reading a fic and it was so awesome and so well written and the characters were right but...but then....healing cock?!?!? Whyyyyyy?!?!?! *runs from the horror*


Not All Men Are Like That



The above is not a quote, because I don’t wish to discuss it as a quote. I wish to make it as a statement and then discuss it. (By standard SJ logic, I have now become a man by saying it.)

When someone tells you “I hate men”, think of the mental image you have of the group they hate. White, cishet, able-bodied, middle-class or rich men… the people who have all the power in our current system. The people with the most priviledge. The lowest difficulty setting for life.

Not all men are like that.

There are black men, who are regarded with suspicion and hostility wherever they go. There are trans men, who have good cause to fear for their lives whenever they try to use a public restroom. There are poor men, who don’t know where their next meal will come from. There are disabled men, who navigate frustrating obstacles every day that don’t need to be there.

The fact you don’t think of those groups when you think “men”, is just another privilege the white, cishet, etc. men have. They are the Default. If you say “white people”, you think of them. If you say “cishet” you think of them. And every time, you’re forgetting about large groups of people who are not as priviledged, and who may even share something with you. Quite insidious, isn’t it? You want to say something that strikes out against the Default, but you only end up erasing and alienating people who aren’t the Default either, but in a different way. (And, of course, the Default benefits from its opposition being fragmented like that.)

So, next time you are angry at the male privilege the Default gets and you want to say you hate men, remember: Not all men are like that.

thank you.

no sjw would come out and say “i hate disabled queers,” but when they say “i hate men,” they’re talking about me too. they’re perfectly willing to trample over me in their rush to attack the big image of the monopoly-board fat-cat on the horizon.

honestly, i consider this the diagnostic for an sjw (rather than a decent person who blogs about social justice) — do they allow their hatred for a privileged group to erase less privileged elements within that group?

first world problems

i really want to play GTA5 but I only have a PS2 :(

english is not their first language: Hello! I'm sorry if my English isn't very good.
english is their first language: hte fuckign

when big dogs have barky dreams it’s hilarious because those big booming WOOFS turn to little whoop-whoop comedy noises if they don’t open their mouths. ain’t a lot in the world more cuter ‘n that.

awwww sooooothing presence

i was just reminding him that even in his dreams i can find him anytime i want >:D

my dog was having angry barking chasing dreams and his hackles were standing straight up, so i sneaked over and started petting him behind his ears. it worked and he didn’t even wake up.